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summer programs

Aspiring filmmakers (GRADES 9-12) will immerse themselves in the world of making movies with Sacred Heart University’s fun and informative summer program, MovieMaker.
From writing to producing to acting to post-production, MovieMaker is a 3-week film intensive that offers a unique journey to creating an actual film.
Award-winning filmmaker Jason Cicci shares his professional savvy, offering insight and inspiration, empowering young storytellers with marketable skills for making personal and entertaining on-camera stories.

interested in making films?

  • Monday, July 8th - Friday, July 26th 9AM - 12PM

    session 2

    session 1

    Monday, July 29th - Friday, August 16th 9AM - 12PM

  • MovieMaker is a fun and informative summer film program aimed at empowering young people who want to tell their personal stories through the medium of film. Guided by independent filmmakers, this 3-week course inspires its members to mine their own lives and experiences as the basis for their work. 


    Using their fun daily writing and shooting assignments, students will create a 2-4-minute short film that will be screened at MovieMaker Night at the end of the program. 


    The program starts with learning the fundamentals of filmmaking with daily sessions in screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography and sound recording. During their first few days, students begin with a one-shot, no dialogue experiment, focusing on visual storytelling. Soon, after discussing themes and possible stories, they start writing their films, crafting their script using what they’ve learned to guide them. This includes the producing process, such as location scouting and casting. By the second week, students begin shooting their film scenes. Once their scenes are shot, they are taught how to engage in the post-production process in their daily sessions, including how they might market their films.


    During the program, Guest Artists, professionals working in the film industry, will offer their expertise and guidance.

    what to expect

  • watch, learn and make!

    Each week (or perhaps day), will begin with the screening of a short film that students will have time to discuss and critique, learning how to relay the important touchstones each story brought to the screen and what they each might’ve done differently.

    For the program to be fun and engaging for young filmmakers, the first few weeks will have students divided into three groups, each group experiencing three sessions each day: 

    • Writing/Producing

    • Tech/Cinematography

    • Acting/Directing 

    These sessions will be in 40-minute segments.

    By the third week, each day is spent shooting each students’ short films using nearby locations and having each student perform a different duty on each film, gaining skills and experience in multiple areas of filmmaking. Once films are shot, their final days working on post-production.

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