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SHU Community Theatre is a 100-year-old building and we recommend all attendees use extra caution upon entrance. We highly recommend that patrons with accessibility needs select orchestra seats at checkout. Any patron attending an event in the balcony is invited to ask a theatre staff member for extra assistance, if desired. For any further inquiries about accessibility, call 203-371-7817 or email us at  


If you have any questions, please call the box office at 203-371-7817

If you are interested in coming for a show and are hard of hearing, you may request an ASL interpreter for the event. The theatre must be informed of any ASL requests at least two weeks before the event for all approval


When selecting tickets, there are a number of open spaces that are labeled as "wheelchair accessible seating." Particularly, in row F on the sides as well as row N on the left side of the AV booth, there is ample room for both wheelchair access as well as companion seating. There is also wheelchair access to the upstairs lounge area in the space where tables T1 and T2 (when available) are positioned. For access to the upper level, patrons can enter via the delivery entrance on the side of the building at the address 1420 Post Rd. Staff will be onsite and can assist in whatever needs a patron may have.

Wheelchair Accessible Seating

SHU Community Theatre is an ADA-compliant venue.For cinema events, we are equipped with state-of-the-art assistive listening as well as assistive narration and captioning devices.


For live performances, we are equipped with an assistive listening system.

ADA Compliance

Please call the box office in advance at 203-371-7817 to let us know that you will be bringing your service animal to the event. It is important that, if applicable, we let all relevant parties know to expect a service animal in the audience.

Service Animals

All of the restrooms in the building are located on the main level in the foyer to the right of the concession stand and are wheelchair accessible.

Restroom Access

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